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Hyperbaric Oxygen:

 Hyperbaric Oxygen HBOT, HBO given with increased pressure can correct many serious health problems. Hyperbaric oxygenation helps the body heal from conditions that have low oxygen in the tissues causing or complicating the healing process. Repetitive hyperbaric sessions can help many different conditions for instance: brain injuries, air embolisms, anemia, autism, burns, carbon monoxide poisonings, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, gangrene, migraines, lyme disease and strokes, to mention a few.

 Compromised skin grafts often improve with HBOT, HBO hyperbaric oxygen. Difficult to heal infections treated with hyperbaric oxygen is considered an antibiotic therapy even you take brand. Treatable infections include such diverse situations as actinomycosis, osteomyelitis, diabetic wounds, gangrene and related deadly tissue infections.

:Hyperbaric Oxygen HBO:

The standard protocol is two times per day for 20 days for a total of 40 treatments. HBOT is used for several reasons including cerebral palsy, autism, general brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, strokes, seizures, gangrene, bone infections, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, near drowning victims and for diabetics at risk for amputations.

   hyperbaric treatment                           hyperbaric chamber

  Children inside our multi place chamber                                          Our mono place chamber

The average cost for an entire course of treatment varies. Medicare and insurance companies cover HBO treatments when they are used as part of an aggressive program of wound management. For more information please contact the Center.

       Financing is also available for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy,etc.

For easy secure approval visit Or contact our center for further information


Conductive Education:

Conductive Education is a major breakthrough in the well-being of children and adults with motor disorders / disabilities and their families.

Conductive Education offers immediate and long-term advantages for those who can access it directly and strongly challenges present ways of understanding and providing for disabilities.

Conductive education is a unique system of teaching and learning for children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida. It is designed to improve motor skills and increase independence of many aspects of common living. It is not a cure, but a method of exercises and education which are broken down into basic functional movements. The exercises are performed intensively (5 hours per day, 5 days per week) in small groups which promotes interactivity and fun.

 During a Conductive Education (C.E.) program children participate in group activities and are motivated, challenged and guided through functional goals. These goals are broken into a series of tasks, but are key to functional movements, such as bending and stretching limbs, opening and closing hands, sitting, rolling, standing etc. Children learn to be more independent and by repeated experiences of success they build and improve their self-esteem.

 The main goal of Conductive Education is the comprehensive development of the personality based on active learning. C.E. focuses on the person as a whole, not on his/her individual symptoms. C.E. offers an intensive rehabilitation program, which covers various aspects of development, for instance: physical, educational, communication & language skills and social & emotional skills. 

 Conductive Education aims to guide each child to gain control over their bodies and to reach their maximum potential. Conductive Education is a major component of our Intensive Therapeutic Intervention (ITI) program. Page Up