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     Podiatry and Wound Care services offered at our Center.

The Pocono’s only
complete wound care resource

offering full treatment options by our on staff Doctors.

Modalities of wound care include Negative Pressure Wound Therapy- VAC, Apligraf, Oasis, Callagen dressings, edema reduction, nutritional consultation, debridements and

Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine,

Adjunctive therapy at the request of your established wound care physician, such services include:

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments for such diverse situations as actinomycosis, osteomyelitis, diabetic wounds, gangrene and related deadly tissue infections. Compromised skin grafts bone infections, burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

                                   Example of a non-healing diabetic wound treated for 7 weeks

                                          hbot wound healing

                                                          BEFORE                             AFTER






Professionally Molded Orthotics
casted by the doctor

in correct anatomical position

The Jenny Rose Center

The hyperbaric center
hbot center






The Anodyne Therapy System is an FDA-cleared infrared medical device that increases circulation and decreases pain.  Anodyne therapy is currently used in over 4300 hospitals, universities, clinics, home health agencies, physical therapy centers, long term care facilities, physician offices and by the U.S. Military.









For further information on the anodyne system and the possibilities in helping, or treatments please inquire with in, or visit Anodyne Therapy, LLC @ ha       

Hyperbaric Oxygen HBOT        hyperbaric chamber    

      Hyperbaric Chamber Room                                  Hyperbaric Mono place Chamber


Dr. Tanjila Matin, with The Jenny Rose Center providing full wound care including Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.  Dr. Tanjila Matin is a Podiatric Physician, who specializes in the care of diabetic patients.  She is board qualified in Foot Surgery, by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine.  Dr. Matin went to Temple school of podiatric medicine and then went on to do her three years surgical training in Saint Michael’s Medical Center, Newark, NJ.  During her three years of training, she attended the wound care clinic at the hospital and acquired vast knowledge in current and state of the art treatment modalities of lower extremity wounds.  She practiced in New Jersey after completing her residency, where she was also part of a wound care clinic and has experience with hyperbaric treatments.


 In addition to the hyperbaric treatments, Dr. Matin will provide complete lower extremity care of any patients requiring them, including diabetic neuropathic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and all other wounds with unknown origins.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a covered therapy by most insurances for patients who have diabetic wounds that have not been healed for 30 days or more, stage three ulcers, Osteomyelitis, pre and post skin graft, necrotizing fascitis, gas gangrene and others.  Traditional office and/or debridement will be available if requested in a team approach to limb salvage where all medical and surgical care will be employed in order to avoid amputation.  Dr. Matin is also experienced in treating bunions, heel pains, warts, fungal nails, neuromas, hammertoes, and all other pathology involving the lower extremity.  We will be offering Shock Wave therapy for heel pain and Anodyne Therapy for patients with Neuropathy at the center as a treatment.


Dr. Tanjila Matin, DPM