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 The Jenny Rose center is family owned and operated by Mrs. Elaine R. Parker & Mr. John O. Parker. The Center is named after our “Little Angel” Jennifer Rose Parker. For more than 10 years ago, similar to many parents of challenged children, our plight began to help our child in countless ways. Not withstanding our formal education having a child with special needs would provide us with profound new challenges.

  Truly, if you have found your way to this website either you have a special child, or know of someone who does.

 Our mission is quite simple: Provide families, parents and most of all children with special needs the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

  We believe and have come to learn that there is no one single panacea, or answer for children with special needs. We are convinced that multiple treatments and interventions delivered by conventional and non-conventional methods will provide our children with a gateway for enhanced health. At our center one can find highly trained professionals, including certified Hyperbaric Technicians, Conductors, but most of all you will find people who are dedicated, caring and who understand, how we parents feel about our children. More about Jennifer Rose Parker